Finally, I can install Sing! By SMULE on my phone~ โ™ฅ


(Failed) Apink's cover

Since a long time ago, I really want to install this app but My phone doesn’t have front camera, and it has (really) small internal storage too ใ… ใ…  so I thought smule cannot be installed in here and fortunately it is Android 4.1.1 so I can install some apps that required minimum Android 4.1 wkwk

When I tried to download Smule I opended Google Play store, buuut it hurts my eyes /?. It said that my phone isn’t support Sing! By SMULE ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ </3

I've installed Soundcloud before, and listen to some covers on there. At the first I want to do some Korean Rap  songs cover and upload it on internet so I think I must install Soundcloud and download Instrumental/Background music for songs that I'll cover. I did both of it. I have several background musics. But at the end, i never cover one of them and upload it on soundcloud hehe.

I think this app is unuseful for me so I uninstall it.

Yesterday, SMULE popped in my head. I tried to download it again, and the result was same. I couldn't download it via Google Play because my phone doesn't support SMULE. Hmmmm….

I tried to download smule on my Daddy's phone, and the result was same ใ… ________ใ… 
Okay I got an idea. Yes, download smule APK on google (not google playstore) if u don't know what is APK, search it by yourself, don't be lazy dude :p

First I downloaded the older version because I thought my phone is so old and only older version can be installed and I tried to install it but it is useless, need to be upgraded XD so I download the newest version and instal it again.

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Bahagia Itu Pilihan

Bahagia, setiap orang pernah merasakan kebahagiaan sekecil apapun itu. Bahagia bisa datang kapan saja dan dimana saja dan bisa juga dtang tanpa direncanakan. Definisi bahagia sendiri berbeda beda bagi setiap orang. Dan definisi bahagia bagi saya adalah “Happiness is a choice”

Kebahagiaan adalah suatu keadaan pikiran atau perasaan yang ditandai dengan kesenangan, cinta, kepuasan, kegembiraan atau kenikmatan. Sebenarnya bahagia adalah hal yang subjektif bagi setiap orang. Bahagia sendiri tidak memiliki parameter yang pasti. Bahagia juga tidak memiliki acuan untuk menentukan seberapa bahagia seseorang atau seberapa tidak bahagia seseorang.

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